About EGH Judokan

Established in 1975, EGH Judokan has grown from humble beginnings in the Llantristant area, and now runs a comprehensive range of classes for all age ranges, including both children and adults.

EGH is a community run organisation, focused on providing top quality judo coaching for beginners through to advanced judoka (judo players). Our focus is to provide pupils with a safe environment in which to practice the skills and discipline that judo is famous for. With both male and female qualified sensei’s (coaches), we are always striving to provide the best possible experience for all our members.

Beyond being a physical sport, judo is a sport of mental toughness, discipline, and social values. EGH is heavily invested in the way of judo, and we instil these values in all of our judoka (judo players).

A role to play in society

Judoka at EGH learn valuable social skills, and build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with others. The camaraderie, and bonding that occurs among partners who have shared the rigours of physically difficult and mentally demanding training are deep, often providing the basis for relationships that last a lifetime. Through judo, people are able to develop friendships and integrate socially almost anywhere. Regardless of the towns you visit, in your home country or elsewhere, there is bound to be a judo club, or dojo, where you will be welcomed. One of the central concepts in Judo is “Jita Kyoei”, commonly translated as “mutual benefit”, it is an ethos actively fostered at EGH.

We Pursue Excellence

EGH is a judokan that caters for all levels, but since our inception we have had a number of champions up to national level, including our coaches. Judo by it’s very essence is progressive, with judoka always trying to reach a little higher and a little further (there is no cap on number of black belts a judoka can reach). Right across the age ranges, EGH has excellent judoka who continue to excel, and if you  want to reach your full potential, EGH can help with that.

We create fun

The feeling of self-gratification gained by learning new skills is great, and judo excels at that, but picking up a bigger person, and throwing them to the floor with control and technical skill is incredible. As well as this, the dynamic activity of moving around quickly, throwing, controlling, and immobilising a friend are just a part of the excitement of judo.

It’s good for you

As well as discipline, fun, and developing technical skills, judo is great for fitness. Judo has a very sneaky way of making you work out, through repetition of activities, and through enjoyable training routines. Judo is based both on throws and grappling / groundwork, which means you’re using all of your muscle groups to better your opponent. It really is the full body workout.