Adolescents engaged in judo practice gain life long health benefits and protection against osteoporosis/fractures

A study by the Institute of BioSciences in Brazil shows practice of Judo during adolescence leads to life long health benefits and protection against osteoporosis/fractures Summary Adolescents engaged in judo practice presented higher values of bone mineral density than the control individuals, while the relationship between quantity of weekly training and bone mineral density was significant among adolescents engaged in …

Ladies Self Defence Classes

EGH Judo are pleased to announce that a new ladies self defence class will start on the 26th of September at 6.30 to 7.30. The class will run for 6 weeks and will cover personal awareness, self defence and the law, the use of weapons for self defence, self defence against edged weapon, the course will also cover a range …

New Wu Style Tai Chi Classes at the Dojo

Great news!!!!, from the first of February EGH Judo will be offering Wu Style Tai Chi Classes at the dojo. The classes will be run by Mark Langweiler. Mark has over 25 years experience of Wu Style Tai Chi. Classes will run every Wednesday at 6.30pm until 8pm. for more information please contact Mark Langweiler on 0753 248 3160.

EGH Judo Mini Mon & Dragon Demonstration

Great news! EGH Will be holding a Mini Mon & Dragon Demonstration on the 1st of October 2016. Mini Mons are Judo competitions aimed at beginners. They are organised to encourage children’s competitive Judo in a friendly and supportive environment. They are suitable for complete beginners with orange belt being the highest grade allowed. Players will be placed in groups …

Rio Olympics Judo Timetable

If like us you are excited at the prospect of watching some of the greatest judo players (Judoka) on earth at this years Olympics, including Wales’s very own Natalie Powell, here is a complete schedule of the Judo starting on the 6th August. Rio Judo Timetable

New 5 to 8 year old classes

Great news! From the 1st of August EGH will be offering a brand new class especially for 5 to 8 year olds. The class will be tailored specifically for the youngsters, with basic Judo skills and games aimed at developing balance, coordination and Judo movements. Classes start at 5.30 to 6.30 and as their skills and confidence develop they will …


Congratulations to Carter & Valerie who competed in Newport today, Valerie took a hard fought Silver medal. Carter not only took a well deserved Gold medal but also won the player of the day award. Well done both!