Judo isn’t just for the children!

Since the 2012 Olympics the increase in adults taking up judo has been significant, with people realising it is a great way to stay fit.

Adult Judo offers all over body conditioning, and a full cardio-vascular work out, all while improving you coordination balance and stamina. Judo plays a major role in Rugby and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with many of the top players having participated in judo at a high level.

And if you think we’re kidding, our own sensei Huw only started judo in 2002 after both his daughter’s started getting heavily involved in the sport.

As well as the throws in Judo, grappling on the ground, or Ne-waza, also plays a major part of the adult judo game and includes strangles, armlocks and hold downs, all of which contribute to a full body workout developing all important core stability and a six pack that will be the envy of your friends!

So whilst you friends are struggling to raise the enthusiasm for another (boring) gym session why not come along to one of our sessions, get fit, have fun and learn an effective self-defence?

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