Terms & Conditions

I can confirm the following:

1. I, or my named child/children, are an amateur within the rules of the WJA/BJA and I confirm that I/my child/children do and will comply with the articles of association and byelaws of the association.

2. I, or my named child/children, wish to participate in the above Championships to be held at Tonyrefail Leisure Centre on the above date and confirm the details given are correct.

3. I understand and agree that neither the Organisers of the Event, nor the WJA/BJA (nor any of its Officials or Members) shall be liable or responsible for any personal injury to me, or my child/children, nor any loss or damage to my property arising out of my participation and travelling in connection with these championships.

4. I am totally responsible for my own state of health or that of my child/children, and I am fit and able to participate in these Championships.

5. I understand that there may be drug testing at this event and my entry is only accepted on condition that if selected for such a drug test, I shall comply with the WJA/BJA rules regarding the same.

6. By entering this competition & signing the consent you are agreeing to photography and video filming being taken. The use of photographic equipment is permitted; however, should a request be made for you to stop, then you should respect the wishes of others. Any lights or flashes should be disabled prior to taking any photographs of action on the contest areas.