Readers ask: How To Tie Your Martial Arts Belt?

How do you tie a Taijutsu belt?

How to Tie Karate Belt (Tying Perfect Obi Knot)

  1. Find the middle of your obi by folding it in half.
  2. Wrap the belt around you, crossing over in the back, and bringing the ends around to your front.
  3. Overlap the ends (left over right) keeping the end with the tag on top. (

How do you tie a karate belt with stripes?

Place center of belt on front center of jacket, about one inch below the naval (a location called the tanden). Wrap belt around your waist, crossing the right side over the left side at center of the back. Stripes will now be on your right side. Pull ends of belt forward and adjust so the ends are even.

Where do you wear a karate belt?

Start by holding the label end of the belt across your abdomen, in front of you with your right hand. It should hang a couple of inches longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied. Wrap the other end of the belt behind you and around your waist with your left hand.

How many belts are there in karate?

There are 6 belt colors: white belt, orange belt, blue belt, yellow belt, green belt, brown belt, and black belt. All belts besides the white belt can have dashes to indicate further progress. Here is a summary of the different karate belts.

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What is a karate uniform called?

The Karate uniform is called a Gi (pronounced ghee). Traditionalists will argue that the correct term is Dogi or Keikogi, depending on your point of view.

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