Quick Answer: How To Fold A Judo Gi?

How do you shrink a judo gi?

Before first use, you can simply wash your Judogi in cold water. However, if you want to make it shrink to the maximum from the very begining, you can wash it 2 or 3 times in hot water, maximum 60°C. Washing machine at 30° C maximum.

What are the belts in judo?

Kyu grades, also known as mu-dan-sha, are for beginners learning the art of Judo, which consists of 6 ranks starting with brown belt (Ikkyu), followed by blue belt (Nikyu), green belt (Sankyu), orange belt (Yonkyu), yellow belt (Gokyu), and lastly white belt (Rokyu).

What is the best judo gi?

The Best Judo Gis Reviewed

  • Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform.
  • Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi.
  • Elite Sports Judo Gi.
  • Yamato Sakura Bleached Single Weave Judo Gi Uniform.
  • Pro Force Gladiator Judo Uniform.
  • Fuji Sports Double Weave USA Judo Gi.
  • Fighting Films Judo Gi.

Will my GI shrink in the dryer?

Warm water should be perfect for all gi’s. A lot of gi manufactures say that warm water will shrink the gi, but this is not always true. Yes cotton will shrink naturally over time, but the biggest culprit to gi’s shrinking is the dryer. Putting it in the dryer one too many times will soften it up, and weaken it.

How do you tie gi pants?


  1. Pull both drawstrings away from your body until the waist band is snug. Some people like to go extra snug which really insures the pants will stay in place.
  2. Feed drawstring ends through the belt loops towards the middle of the pants.
  3. Tie a knot and if you desire cut off any excess length of drawstring.
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How should I store my BJJ Gi?

Drying Your BJJ Gi Simply hang dry your gi, and you should find that it’s ready to wear again in about 20-30 hours depending on the climate you live in and where you’re hanging it.

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