Readers ask: How To Size Judo Gi?

How much does a judo gi shrink?

On every Judogi (jacket and pants) you will find a tag with washing instructions written on it. Note that the Dogi will shrink about 6% over the first washings and will afterwards match the measurements indicated in the size table.

How do I choose a judo gi?

Students who compete and practice on a regular basis should look for a gi made from highly-durable fabric. The thickness of the fabric helps determine the strength and durability of a judo uniform. A thicker gi is stronger, longer-lasting, and more difficult for opponents to grab.

What size judo suit do I need?

A judo uniform tends to shrink during the first few washes, so we suggest choosing a uniform that is 5 to 10cm larger than your height.

How do you measure GI?

In order to know your general size in a BJJ gi, you will need two measurements: your wingspan and your outseam. To find your wingspan, you can take a soft measuring tape starting at the center of the back of your neck, then measure to the center point of your wrist. Then, double this number.

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Will my GI shrink in the dryer?

Warm water should be perfect for all gi’s. A lot of gi manufactures say that warm water will shrink the gi, but this is not always true. Yes cotton will shrink naturally over time, but the biggest culprit to gi’s shrinking is the dryer. Putting it in the dryer one too many times will soften it up, and weaken it.

How do you dry a judo gi?

If this still isn’t enough, wash the gi again in warm water, but this time put it in a tumble dryer on a warm temperature, and take the gi out every five minutes to see how it fits. Once you’re happy with the size, hang your gi to dry it.

What is the difference between a judo gi and a karate gi?

A judo suit is called a “ Judogi.” The suit is a little bit tighter than a karate gi. The Judogi also has more padding than a karate suit, and it has reinforced stitching. The reason for these differences is because Judo is more grappling focused.

What weight is a judo gi?

How to choose your next Gi

Gi Type Average Gi Weight
BJJ Light 14oz / 400gms
Judo Single Weave 14oz / 400gms
Karate Light 10oz / 280gms
BJJ Heavy 28oz / 800gms


What do judo players wear?

The Judo uniform consists of a tunic, pants, and a belt (sash). Both the tunic and the pants are white (*), and the belt color varies according to the wearer’s rank.

What is a judo suit called?

The Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. A Judogi comprises three parts that are usually cut from different fabrics: a very heavy jacket, lighter canvas pants, and a cotton belt.

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What does a blue gi mean in judo?

The blue gi’s only purpose is to distinguish one opponent from another during a match. By contrasting with the white gi of her opponent, the wearer of the blue gi makes it easier for the judges, referees and spectators to keep track of which contestant is which. The blue judo gi is not indicative of rank or skill.

Which judo gi is best?

The Best Judo Gis Reviewed

  • Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform.
  • Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi.
  • Elite Sports Judo Gi.
  • Yamato Sakura Bleached Single Weave Judo Gi Uniform.
  • Pro Force Gladiator Judo Uniform.
  • Fuji Sports Double Weave USA Judo Gi.
  • Fighting Films Judo Gi.

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