How To Put On Karate Gi?

How do you adjust a karate gi?

Altering gi pants?

  1. Open up the sides of the pants and take off some material to make them less wide, maybe add a slight taper.
  2. Cut off some material at the waist to make it shorter.
  3. Change the waist to an elastic/drawstring combo with a good elastic.

What do you wear with a GI?

Under your Gi pants, you can wear shorts or spats (spats are used in No- Gi ). If you are a woman, you can wear women’s rashguard, sports bra, under the Gi top and spats under the Gi pants. In case you are practicing mostly in a Gi, you can wear short sleeves rashguard.

What are karate belt colors?

There are 6 belt colors: white belt, orange belt, blue belt, yellow belt, green belt, brown belt, and black belt. All belts besides the white belt can have dashes to indicate further progress.

What do you wear under a karate gi?

Students wear a white or black Gi to Karate classes, unless directed otherwise. Females wear a sports bra underneath the Gi jacket. There should be no visible t-shirt under the Gi. Males will wear nothing underneath the Gi jacket.

Can you tailor a karate gi?

It, of course, needs some adjusting. Here is a short pictorial of how I shorten and re- hem the arms and pant legs. This works best if you have to cut off 3″ or more. If you have to cut off less. you can roll and sew (a lot of bulk, ew) or you can buy a similar weight fabric and make your own facing.

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How do you tie karate gi pants?


  1. Pull both drawstrings away from your body until the waist band is snug. Some people like to go extra snug which really insures the pants will stay in place.
  2. Feed drawstring ends through the belt loops towards the middle of the pants.
  3. Tie a knot and if you desire cut off any excess length of drawstring.

Do you wear anything under your GI?

Yes, you need to wear underwear under your gi pants. It’s also not uncommon to wear compression pants or fight shorts under your kimono. At some academies, wearing fight shorts under the kimono makes for an easy transition from gi to no- gi during live training.

Should I wear spats under my gi?

Compression Shorts/ Spats – Regardless of whether you’re going to train only gi, only no- gi, or plan on training both, compression shorts and/or spats is absolutely necessary. For gi training, you will want to wear something under your gi. Your training partners will thank you.

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