Often asked: Who Plays Karate Lee In The Archers?

Who are the characters in The Archers?

The Archers Characters

  • Jill Archer. Played by Patricia Greene. View Jill Archer.
  • David Archer. Played by Timothy Bentinck. View David Archer.
  • Ruth Archer. Played by Felicity Finch. View Ruth Archer.
  • Pip Archer. Played by Daisy Badger. View Pip Archer.
  • Josh Archer. Played by Angus Imrie.
  • Ben Archer. Played by Ben Norris.

Who is Helen archers boyfriend?

The Archers favourite Helen Archer (played by Louiza Patikas) has got herself in a little pickle again. She has been forming a budding relationship with Lee (Ryan Early), however, bottled her affections earlier in the week.

What happened to Russ in the Archers?

Russ (played by Adonis Anthony) was discussing his new venture on the audio soap and casually dropped in the fact there’s a new place on employment in town. He revealed he now has a job at Lower Loxley Art Gallery and listeners were positively losing their minds over it.

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Who is Chris in The Archers?

Christopher Carter

Fact title Fact data
Played by: Wilf Scolding
Born: 22 June 1988
Status: Married to Alice Carter
Occupation: Farrier

Did Kirsty marry Philip in The Archers?

With the Tom Archer chapter of her life firmly closed, Kirsty married builder Philip Moss. But this wasn’t the happy ending she deserved. Philip was found guilty of using slave labour and received a prison sentence.

Did Helen kill Rob in The Archers?

Helen Titchener was found not guilty of the attempted murder of her husband, Rob, by a jury in a special episode of The Archers that has brought to a conclusion the domestic abuse storyline that has gripped the nation.

Does Rob die in the Archers?

At the time, Rob was married to Jess but a passionate affair led to Helen Archer becoming Mrs Titchener. When Helen told Rob she wanted to leave, he reacted angrily and their argument led to Helen stabbing him in front of her 5-year-old son Henry. Rob’s injuries were almost fatal but he recovered.

Is Rob Titchener returning to the archers?

The most infamous domestic abuser in British drama this century is set to return to the airwaves. Tim Stimpson, The Archers ‘ scriptwriter, said yesterday that it was not “realistic” that Rob Titchener, the show’s domestic abuser, would disappear permanently.

What has happened in the Archers since Lockdown?

The Archers has re-entered normal production, having temporary converted to a stream of monologues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. When lockdown began, The Archers ‘ producers said they were forced to abandon “12 scripts and five weeks of storylines that were about to be written”.

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Will the archers return to 6 days a week?

From the middle of April new episodes of The Archers were being recorded but the challenge of continuing to make The Archers during the coronavirus pandemic was still not yet fully overcome. The Archers is broadcast 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year which means how the programme is made has to be sustainable.

Who was Adam’s father in The Archers?

With gossip rife, 22-year old Jennifer refused to name the father – even to her parents. Jennifer’s second husband, Roger Travers-Macy, adopted Adam and along followed Adam’s half-sister Debbie. Adam Macy.

Fact title Fact data
Played by: Andrew Wincott
Born: 22 June 1967
Status: Married to Ian Craig
Occupation: Farmer

Is Alice pregnant in The Archers?

The unplanned pregnancy What Alice couldn’t hide from him for long, however, was that while she was hospitalised the doctors had discovered that she was pregnant. While Chris, the Carters and the Aldridges were delighted, Alice was in turmoil.

How old is the character Kate in The Archers?

After a turbulent start to secondary school, Jennifer rewarded 13-year- old Kate with a skiing holiday.

Who are Alice’s parents in The Archers?

Alice Carter, née Aldridge (born 29 September 1988) (Hollie Chapman), the younger daughter of Brian and Jennifer, studied engineering at Southampton University.

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