Readers ask: How Long Is Karate Kid 2010?

How long is the original Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid was theatrically released in the United States on June 22, 1984.

The Karate Kid
Production companies Delphi II Productions Jerry Weintraub Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date June 22, 1984
Running time 127 minutes


Who was the bully in Karate Kid 2010?

But Dre’s encounter with Meiying attracts the attention of the school bully Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) and his gang.

How long did Dre train in Karate Kid?

For the role of 12-year-old Kung Fu student Dre Parker, Jaden Smith spent three months training in various martial arts techniques. One of the techniques seen in the film includes the Crane Style of Kung Fu, which Dre witnesses a woman practicing atop the dragon head at the temple.

Why did they move to China in Karate Kid 2010?

In search of a fresh start, the widowed mother, Sherry Parker, and her 12-year-old son, Dre, move from Detroit to Beijing in China, after a job transfer.

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Does Will Smith own Karate Kid?

Jaden’s father, Will Smith, serves as an executive producer on Cobra Kai. He retained the rights to the Karate Kid franchise through his production company Overbrook Entertainment, under which he released Jaden’s 2010 film, The Karate Kid. Will has proudly promoted the show on his social media pages.

Is Mr Miyagi dead?

Isleton, California, U.S. Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Noriyuki “Pat” Morita (June 28, 1932 – November 24, 2005) was a Japanese-American actor and comedian. Filmography.

Year 1984
Title The Karate Kid
Role Mr. Miyagi
Notes Nominated – Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor


How old is Daniel LaRusso?

When Cobra Kai picks up Johnny and Daniel’s story in 2018, Daniel is 52 years old.

What happened Karate Kid 2010?

The plot concerns 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) from Detroit, Michigan who moves to Beijing, China with his mother (Taraji P. Henson) and runs afoul of the neighborhood bully (Zhenwei Wang).

Who won in Karate Kid?

Johnny Lawrence Was the True Winner of the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament. After years of not giving it any thought, I have been forced to revisit Daniel LaRusso’s controversial win over Johnny Lawrence at the end of the first Karate Kid movie.

Can Jaden Smith really do karate?

Despite the name of the film, The Karate Kid, Jaden Smith and his co-star Jackie Chan, are doing Kung Fu in the film, not Karate.

How much did Jaden Smith make from Karate Kid?

TMZ actually got their hands on Jaden’s contract for The Karate Kid. What it revealed was that Jaden was paid $1 million upfront (in two installments of $900k and $100k) and a $2 million bonus after the film’s success.

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Why does the karate kid learn kung fu?

Karate Kid is an already marketed name, which means glooorious money! Supposedly, the kid already knows karate, so he’s called the ” karate kid ” by the Chinese kids as an insult. Then the karate kid learns kung fu so he can kick better ass.

Where was the Karate Kid filmed at?

The Karate Kid was released on June 22nd, 1984. Filming locations include Sedona, AZ., Agoura Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Los Angeles, Malibu, Northridge, Norwalk, Reseda, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills, CA.

Is The Karate Kid 2010 Canon?

There is absolutely no connection to Karate or the storyline of the original films. It would be a great disappointment IF the producers decided to make it canon. Jackie Chan is always great, but the performance of the Smith kid was subpar at best.

Why did Dre and his mom move to China?

Dre Parker, a 12-year-old boy from Detroit, moves to China for his mother’s job. In befriending a girl from his class, Meiying, Dre incurs the wrath of a group of his classmates, led by the babyfaced, yet brutal, Cheng.

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