Readers ask: What Are The Katas In Karate?

How many katas are there in karate?

Even though there are numerous forms of kata in existence, 102 katas are approved by the World Karate Federation and are performed at WKF-recognized events.

What is the first kata in karate called?

Heian Shodan is also known as Shotokan Kata 1. Heian Shodan is the first Shotokan kata and is followed Heian Nidan and Heian Sandan. It is a Shotokan kata for color belt (non-black belt) Shotokan Karate students.

What are the 26 Shotokan Katas?

List of 26 Shotokan Kata’s

Kata No. of moves Kata meaning
Heian Yondan 27 “Peacefull Mind Four”
Heian Godan 23 “Peacefull Mind Five Universe”
Tekki Shodan 23 “Iron Horse One”
Tekki Nidan 24 “Iron Horse Two”


What is the name of 3 kata in karate?

* Naihanchi (内畔戦; also known as Naifanchi): this was the original name for the three Tekki kata, but was changed by Funakoshi.

What are the 4 main styles of karate?

The four main karate styles are Goju-ryu, Shotokan-ryu, Wado-ryu and Shito-ryu.

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What is the hardest kata in karate?

Unsu is one of the most difficult Shotokan Katas because it contains a difficult jump that requires the practitioner to turn 360 degrees around in the air. Competitive karate practitioners often try to attain a very high jump on this move in competition. Unsu also includes many quick combinations and turns on one leg.

What is the hardest martial art?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is considered to be the most difficult martial art to learn. Even to athletic students, mastering this discipline is unlikely to come easy.

What is the first kata name?

The first two kata that we learn in GKR Karate are known as Taigyoku Shodan and Taigyoku Nidan, but they are more commonly referred to as First and Second kata.

What is the first kata a student learns?

First Basic kata is the first kata taught to Wado Ryu students. It was initally a Shotokan karate form created by Master Otsuka’s former Sensei, Shotokan founder Gichin Funakoshi. He named this kata “Taikyoku Shodan” which translates into “ First Cause Number One”.

What is the longest Shotokan kata?

Kanku Dai is the major form of the two katas which evolved from the kata Kushanku. With 65 moves, it is the longest kata in Shotokan karate, and was said to be the favourite kata of Sensei Funakoshi.

Are all karate katas the same?

It is common for students testing to repeat every kata they have learned but at an improved level of quality. The various styles of karate study different kata, or variations of a common core. Some kata may therefore be known by two names, one in Japanese, the other in Okinawan or Chinese.

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What is the second kata in karate called?

Taikyoku Nidan (First Cause, Second Level) The second kata of the series, Taikyoku Nidan, is similar to Taikyoku Shodan, except that the chudan punches are all replaced with upper-level (jodan) punches.

What is the shortest kata?

The former name of this kata was ni sei shi. Wankan is the shortest kata in Shotokan. The main stance in this kata (tsuruashi dachi) resembles a crane ready to strike at its prey.

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